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How Long?

As soon as your order ships from our U.K. warehouse, you can expect to receive it within 7 to 15 Business days.

How do we calculate your shipping costs?

We charge £6.50 per Kg based on the higher of the actual or volumetric weight of the package.

Actual Weight =4 Kg

Volumetric Weight is calculated as
Length X Width X Height
divided by 366.

  12 in. x10 in. x8 in.  =2.60kg

Volumetric Weight =2.60 Kg

Because the actual weight is higher than the volumetric weight, the cost of shipping this package is
4 Kg X £6.50 = £26.00

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Why Shop With Us?

  1. No surprises on Delivery : Our simple and transparent pricing is inclusive of all customs clearance. We clear your goods from customs and deliver them to you.
  2. Maximum visibility of your shipments : Get real-time updates at every step e.g. when we purchase your goods, ship them out and when they arrive at your destination.
  3. Location-specific tracking information : See the location of your goods as they are shipping to kenya.
  4. Smart Packaging: When shipping with us, you can be assured of significant cost savings as well as the safety and security of your goods, thanks to our smart packaging techniques. Our logistics team is seasoned at safely consolidating or repackaging goods received from multiple vendors into the fewest number of packages possible. We recycle and reuse boxes to keep costs down and to stay as environmentally conscious as possible. If your order arrives at our warehouse in a torn or damaged box, we will automatically use a different box for shipping. Our Shipping Only Tool also gives you the ability to automatically instruct us on whether to consolidate your packages, or ship them to you one by one as they arrive.

Prohibited Items

We are not able to ship any of the following items:
Weapons, Corrosives, Perishables, Medicine 
  • Aerosol cans (This does not include body spray. We can ship body spray)
  • Adult/sex toys
  • Products containing concentrated alcohol
  • Vape Pens, Vape juice and related accessories
  • Weapons (including camping/hunting knives or any non-kitchen knives)
  • Car or motorcycle batteries or any standalone batteries
  • Hair Dye
  • Paint
  • Printer Ink or toner cartridges
  • Pepper Spray
  • Tasers
  • Ammunition, Guns, Explosives, Fireworks, Fuses, Including weapons or replicas or any weapons accessories
  • Cleaning products or Oxidizing substances and Organic Peroxides such as Bleach
  • Gas cylinders/pressurized material
  • Toxic and Infectious substances such as Pesticides, Insecticides, Mercury, Poisons etc
  • Human or animal remains or ashes
  • Live organisms
  • Animal Skins, Furs, Ivory
  • Alcoholic Beverages, tobacco or any nicotine products, rolling paper, lighters and other tobacco accessories
  • Government, police or military boots, uniforms, IDs, military or police first-aid kits, night vision gear or related accessories
  • Tactical clothing, gear, knives, weapons or accessories
  • Bulk/comm​ercial quantities of used clothing and shoes
  • All Over-The-Counter medication such as pain killers, cold & flu remedies and allergy remedies
  • Prescription medicine
  • Seeds, plants, fertilizers
  • Money/Legal Tender, Currency, Credit/Debit Cards or Gift Cards of any kind
  • Letters or mail
  • Hemp oil, CBD oil or any related products
  • Supplement Gummies
  • Lighters, butane lighters/torches, lighter fluid or matches
  • Drones/UAVs
We can ship the following items under certain conditions
  • Perfume/cologne/body mists/aftershave/body spray (last Wednesday of every month) - Must be authentic. We cannot ship any products that are counterfeit or of questionable quality. They must be new and factory sealed. We will simply not ship any perfumes whose quality and origin we cannot easily verify.
  • Dietary Supplements (Capsules/tablets) - We can ship upto 4 bottles maximum per customer. They must be factory sealed and unused/unopened.
  • Protein powder, workout supplements and other powdered dietary supplements - We can ship 4 containers per customer. Must be factory sealed and must have a capacity of 1 KG (2.2 LBS) or less per container.
  • Items made of glass and ceramics are highly fragile and are therefore shipped at your own risk.
  • In compliance with airline packaging regulations, some goods will have to be separated during packaging. E.g. products containing lithium-ion batteries will be separated from general cargo items such as clothing, make-up etc.

We reserve the right to package goods as we see fit and in accordance with the laws and regulations of
the country of export, transit(if any) and import.
We reserve the right to refuse to ship any product or shipment.



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